Single nozzle programmable COW machines
T C Repair & Supply can supply brand new single nozzle tank cleaning machines from Polarmarine (as pictured), Alfa Laval and Scanjet. Please contact us for a quote.

We also supply spares for single nozzle machines and have more than 30 years' experience with most of the major makes and models including Alfa Laval, Gunclean, Polarjet, Scanjet, Toftejorg and Yamamizu.

We are able to offer support and spares for owners and managers of older FPSOs as well as fulfilling service requirements for single nozzle Butterworth machines.

Our service department can provide on-board service engineers for alongside and voyage repairs. We have fully-equipped workshops in the UK and the UAE. Our workshops have test tanks for testing repaired machines under fluid pressure. Ship's officers and crew are welcome to attend the testing procedure.

Please contact us for information and advice on any type of single nozzle machine.