Marine Garbage Compactors
In association with one of the pioneers of marine garbage handling equipment, we are able to offer a number of specifically-designed marine compactors and balers for use onboard all types of ocean-going vessels including tankers and other areas of marine-based industry.

Our electro-hydraulic compactors are recognised for superior quality and high durability as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

Our marine compactor range can offer great reductions in waste disposal costs by reducing the volume of waste generated onboard during a vessel’s passage. As a result, the volume of waste for processing when a vessel has landed is vastly reduced in the more expensive global waste-handling locations.

The units also reduce the volume of waste in on-board storage areas due to the 12:1 compaction ratio achievable, therefore enabling the vessel’s operators to be more strategic as to where they land its waste.

The ability to compact a wide range of materials such as plastic, paper, cardboard and textiles allows these units to comply with ever-increasing recycling requirements.

All our waste compactor machines are tried and tested, manufactured to meet specific requirements and supplied with the European CE Certificate, along with a 12-month guarantee.

There are three machines in the primary marine range which have compression forces of 10T, 15T and 20T. All three capacities are available in standard, waterproof, explosion-proof and a combined waterproof / explosion-proof model (specifically for the tanker sector).

  • All units are 3 phase 440v / 60 Hz (3 Kw motor on 10T & 15T units, 4 Kw on 20T unit)
  • Approximate dimensions: 660 x 750 x 2250mm (D x W x H)
  • Approximate bale size: 600 x 400 x 400mm
  • An optional bale strapping kit is also available for purchase if required